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Day of Dead Alive and Breathing!

It is that time of year again, fall leaves litter the streets with hues of gold and red, the air is filled with the crisp scent of frosty promises not yet to be. The spirit world beckons all departed loved ones back for one brief visit before winter folds it’s icy fingers around the autumn brilliance. Celebrations of harvest, prosperity, life and death all signify it is close, Day of the Dead, ah yes!.

Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is one of the most revered holidays for many Hispanics. Celebrated throughout Mexico, the South West United States and portions of South America with both humor and solemn tributes from Nov. 2nd though Nov 3rd, it is a time of remembrance and joy for the precious memories of those dearly departed.

In Colorado, preparations honoring deceased ancestors, family and friends have begun in earnest. What was once a little recognized holiday twenty five years ago is fast becoming mainstream thanks to many local artist such as Rita Wallace a master folk artist from Mexico was one of the founding forces behind establishing the holiday in Denver.

“We began with the celebration at Our Lady of Guadalupe so many years ago, “ said Wallace. “ But years ago it was not as poplular as it is now, people who where not Mexican did not know what it meant so much then.”

But thanks to Wallace and a group of Denverites from the Pirate Art Gallery and the Chicano Humanities Art Council otherworldly insight has been shed on the holiday.

The granddaddy of all celebrations at the Pirate Art Gallery, where many of the local artist started showing for Day of the Dead decades ago, has been joined by a good two dozen other organizations state wide and dozens upon dozens of schools that celebrate the auspicious holiday.

Dia de los muertos

Azteca Dance, Children dressed in Aztec clothes


Azteca Dance, Dancing aztec man


Azteca Dance, Aztec woman dancing